We Have One of The Top Mediation Departments in the State of Utah

We proudly provide mediation services for our clients. We have an experienced licensed mediator on staff to respond to all mediation requests. Whether you are requesting this service prior to legal proceedings or after the proceedings have already commenced, we will be able to assist you. Our attorney's will stay by your side and attend mediation with you, or you may choose to have our licensed Mediator mediate the issues between you and the other party, either way, our office will assist you throughout the entire process. Our mediator has been mediating disputes for the last eight years. Her vast mediation experience includes:
Legal Issues — A Mediator Who Knows Your Legal Rights, UT
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Protective Orders/Restraining Order
  • Child Support
  • Modifications
  • Business Disputes
  • Arbitration
Morley and Associates of American Fork, UT.
Most often the Court requires mediation attempts before scheduling trial. Whether you need help with litigation or mediation you can expect our attorney's to stay by your side throughout the entire mediation process.