Wills and Trusts Protect Your Assets and Your Family

Morley and Associates of American Fork, UT.
Let us help you avoid probate court. We are ready to assist you to create the proper estate plan for you. If you are already in probate court, we help make the process less burdensome. With the complex issues in our world today, don't take a chance and leave your loved ones to fight through the legal issues while mourning your loss. We are here to assist you through the creation of your Will or Trust to ensure you have a say in the distribution of your assets.
If your loved one neglected to leave a Will or Trust, don't struggle alone. Let us help you face the legal issues. The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times anyone can face.
Let our attorneys assist you in managing and distributing your loved one's assets. With over 30+ combined years of experience in Probate Law, we can relieve your burdens during this emotionally draining time.
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Safeguarding the estate
  • Payment of estates debts and taxes
  • Filing Probate Case (if necessary)
  • Reading of Will or Trust
  • Determining Heirs or Beneficiaries
  • Distribution and dispute of assets
  • Property disbursement
Don't let legal issues keep you from caring for your loved one or protecting them when you're gone. Let our qualified attorney's put their expertise to work for you.
Last Will and Testament — Wills and Trusts Protect Your Assets and Your Family, UT
Living Will — Wills and Trusts Protect Your Assets and Your Family, UT